Irrational thoughts should be followed logically (Group show featuring Markus Amm, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Anthony Howard, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Kerstin Stoll and Pernille Kapper Williams. Curated by Philipp Ziegler). 25.11.2005 – 31.01.2006  

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In the first of his 35 famous „Sentences on Cenceptual Art“, the American artist Sol LeWitt in 1969 declared “Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach“. Beyond the tradition which questions the artwork as a finite, physically present representation of the discrepancy between idea and executed work, the group show at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff, curated by Philipp Ziegler presents works by six young artists which each in their own way deal with turning points in modernistic art.

The exhibition which is titled after the 5th sentence in
LeWitt’s „Sentences on Conceptual Art“ includes works by the Danish artists Lasse Schmidt Hansen (*1978), Simon Dybbroe Møller (*1976) and Pernille Kapper Williams (*1973) who studied together—or are still studying—at the Frankfurter Städel. Also represented are Markus Amm (*1969)—originally from Stuttgart and now living in London,— Kerstin Stoll (*1969) who lives in Hamburg and New York artist Anthony Howard (*1976), who shows the film „Oui we“. The contradiction inherent in any attempt to carry out „irrational thoughts“ „logically“ is the creative principle unifying the works in this show. They have in common a fascination with conceptual gestures and an abstract form vocabulary reminiscent of the dry precision of Constructivism, enhanced with those mystical qualities of Minimal art of the 60 ʻ s pointed out in Sol LeWitt’s writings. In the works exhibited by this group of artists Reality—meaning references to everyday life, to design or to pop cultural connections—is transferred into an abstract pictorial universe.

Markus Amm in collage-type paintings with direct references to the compositions of Kandinsky and Malevich treats abstract art as superimposed layers of meaning, Simon Dybbroe Møller in a series of three photographs is commenting on the appropriation of the esthetical principles of Constructivism through a documentation of a working area in his studio. Pernille Kapper Williams ʻ visually poetic text works experiment with various typographies and forms of graphic presentation reminiscent of old art catalogues, whereas Lasse Schmidt Hansen in his sculptures, installations and works on paper concerns himself with the repetition of the serial processes of Minimal sculpture. The large-format ink jet prints of Kerstin Stoll oscillate somewhere between Northern Light and Rayonnism with an incredibly dense surface structure which exudes a peculiar attraction. Those visual clichées of the Modern Age which have petrified into pure formulas of Pathos are what Anthony Howard uses in a satire on early performance documentations. The 16mm film „Oui we“ projected in the entrance area of the gallery confirms the 3rd of Sol LeWitt’s sentences: „Irrational Judgements lead to new experience“ !