twinkle, twinkle (Group show featuring Daniele Buetti, Erg├╝l Cengiz, Anne-Lise Coste, Josephine Meckseper, Henrieke Ribbe and Kathrin Wolf. Curated by Philipp Ziegler). 17.12.2004 – 05.02.2005  

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Galerie Reinhard Hauff closes the year 2004 with „twinkle,twinkle“ – a group show organised by the Stuttgart art historian Philipp Ziegler. The exhibition comprises previously never shown works by established gallery artists such as Daniele Buetti (*1956), Anne-Lise Coste (* 1973) and Josephine Meckseper (* 1964), as well as paintings, drawings and a large wall painting by a team of three young Hamburg artists Ergül Cengiz (*1975), Henrieke Ribbe (*1979) und Kathrin Wolf (*1974). Their joint venture is featured on the invitation card for the exhibition opening.

Dominating the architecture of the gallery is the wall painting carried out by the artist team of
Cengiz, Ribbe and Wolf . The painting refers to the wall composition which the three artists made for the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in the context of the Spring 2004 exhibition Draw and Order. In the spirit of Baroque painting, where the parts subordinate to the balance and harmony of the whole, each artist is responsible for individual features of the overall compostion: the background landscape is done by Ergül Cengiz, the floral elements and fantasy animals are done by Kathrin Wolf and the portraits of gallery visitors – both known and anonymous – are done by Henrieke Ribbe. Also true to the spirit of baroque illusionary painting, a space is created in which the figures woven into the orverall composition join subject and spectator. The wall composition relates to paintings by each individual artist displayed in the show. Anne-Lise Coste, who like Daniele Buetti will have a single show at the gallery in the Spring of 2005, have made a series of collages of seductive images taken from Geo Magazine inscibed with the names of the countries depicted in crude and unsophisticated, coloured letters. Beauty and pain inscribed in Daniele Buetti’s pen and ink drawings taking from fashion photography. What Buetti’s molested beauties have in common with the holiday reverie of Anne-Lise Coste and the dreamy, large format paintings by Ergül Cengiz is a sense of innocense long gone and the uneasy ambivalence of that which isn’t immediately interpretable. Josephine Meckseper whose catalogue since her last show at the gallery in the meantime was published by Lucas & Sternberg, New York, is represented with various gouaches and glitter compositions.