CODE BREAKERS. Locher, Meckseper, Willats (Group show featuring Thomas Locher, Josephine¬†Meckseper¬†and Stephen Willats). 14.09.2018 – 02.11.2018  

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Where do I belong? The feeling of belonging to a group and to a place is essential to human survival and wellbeing. Through codes we, as individuals, signal our belonging to, identification with and position within the hierarchy of our group. Through codes we communicate the necessary laws and values governing our interaction and collaboration towards the greater good of our group. The fascinating roles and hidden symbolism such codes play in politics, business, interpersonal relationships, communication processes and network formations are exposed in CODE BREAKERS, an exhibition that presents three different visual artistic approaches.

"Code breakers" are artists using logic and intuition to understand and represent the way individuals and groups send and receive information.
Stephen Willats sees people as space-time-travellers in transit between people on every day journeys through open systems of life in various forms. Where do I belong? Walking between objects – in a world of objects – we explore the democratic grid of signs and messages from modern life for an interpersonal rendezvous with the strange attractor, while voices in a crowd provide response and positive feedback through random moments in simultaneous encounters. Where do I belong? I’m an omni directional thinker trying to make sense through diagram of the Conscious Unconscious Continuous Discontinuous of information fusion in the democratic space of "total normality".* Thomas Locher examines how we code our adherence to a national, social, political, socioeconomic, intellectual, ideological group and what rights and obligations we thereby accept. Language and grammar lend structure and power to definitions of the laws governing our civil rights systems, and the laws of economics and business, through which the transactions of producing, giving, taking, paying and having are regulated. In early collages, Josephine Meckseper exposes the value-added codes of labels and brands conferring that status of desirability that animates consumer trends. In her films and photographs she looks at emotions like outrage and dissent which empower and unite crowds across controversial issues such as anti-war, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination. She studies the designators of counter-culture and protest movements and the icons and monuments to the powers that be: buildings, statues, the flag.

We are surrounded by signs and symbols and there are many ways to analyse and expose them.
CODE BREAKERS calls attention to our use and perception of some of them.

* a text flow of various Stephen Willats titles.