(RENÉ HUBER UND MARKUS HUBER) HUBER.HUBER. dark grounds. 05.12.2008 – 31.01.2009 

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From December 5th, 2008 to January 31st, 2009 the Galerie Reinhard Hauff introduces new artists with two parallel shows: the Zürich artists Markus and Reto Huber (*1975) present „dark grounds“, while London based Mark Pearson (*1966) shows „Disco Mystic“. Markus and Reto are twins and work together under the artist name huber.huber. For huber.huber as well as Mark Pearson these two shows of collages and works on paper are their first solo shows in Germany.

The central group of works in the huber.huber show is „dark grounds“ which also formed the nucleus in a recent solo show the two artists had at the Kunsthaus Glarus in Switzerland. From a large accumulation of books, newspapers and magazines the artists compose collaged images taking animal and human details out of one photojournalistic context, and recomposing the image bits into surrealist landscapes of haunting and disturbing iconography evoking post-nuclear desolation. References to universal fears and superstitions from myths and folktales abound in the emotional climate in these sceneries. „Their ambivalent relationship to the natural sciences and society vacillates between scepticism and fascination, irony and the bizarre. In the apparent Idyll, disaster lurks permanently”. (Sabine Rusterholz)

Mark Pearson’s large ornamental DIY tapestries of sheets of cheap wrapping paper taped together join designs and words from the Punk and New Wave record covers of the 70’s and 80’s when techniques such as stencilling, spray paint, photocopying and crude collage were readily accessible means of production and communication. Pearson’s work seeks to retain the exciting potential of these forms of expressive energy and vitality while recognizing „the temporal shift in culture that cause their redundancy, as they become events destined to burn out or appropriated as logos for nihilism and discontent“ (Mark Pearson). Divorced from the historical context of aggressive provocation against the dominating trends in culture and society, the alien (non) words and symbolism in Pearson’s raw and glowing compositions heralds the cheap mystic of various subculture