PIA MARIA MARTIN. Go. 11.04.2008 – 24.05.2008 

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„Go“ – opening on April 11th – is Pia Maria Martin’s (*1974) third solo show at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff. The Stuttgart artist—well known for her elaborate stop motion films—revisits in this new creation themes and techniques from her early works. The title „Go“ is taken from a Chinese board game in which the players – just like the animated objects in Pia Martin’s previous films – are bound by the abstract rules of an invisible choreography to produce a bizarre panoptical of fantastic stories and projects.

The protagonists in
Pia Maria Martin’s works are objects of everyday use and pieces of furniture lying around in her studio, which she photographs in an endless sequence of images and put together into films where the objects come alive. The result is a surreal sequence of events and actions developing from the unassuming, static arrangements of things in an interior – thereby optically skewing our habitual views of the object/function relationship. The individual parts of 17th century floral still life’s or Vanitas compositions come to life, so that flowers wilt, bugs and animals move around and wine glasses tip over in an eerie but amusing story. A soup hen, plucked and cut into pieces, manages miraculously to resurrect itself by sewing its severed limbs back onto its body and escape from the pot. Chairs stacked away in storage untangle and start dancing in formation.

In her present film, shot in 16 mm and subsequently digitalized,
Martin goes a step further and transforms her own studio into the stage on which the objects in it enter into a dialogue with the tools of her art production.

When the artist isn’t there anymore, her studio lives a life of its own. The camera that she always uses for her work becomes a cinematographic character on a fantastic journey through the location, making strange encounters with other objects on the scene such as a colourful kingfisher which appears from out of nowhere. In the course of the story, the camera and object take on a range of different transformations and relationships. In her earlier work
Pia Maria Martin already experimented with artistic genres of previous periods.There is also a long tradition for using the artist’s studio as artistic subject matter. The empty, abandoned studio closed off from public view does not become only the production site, but source of inspiration for a play taking place on the stage it offers. By purposely using her own photo and film equipment as actors, Martin makes the tools and procedures of her film into the narrative subject of the work „Go“ and reflects on the aesthetic of her artistic methods and procedures in a playful and imaginative way.