LASSE SCHMIDT HANSEN. Lasse Schmidt Hansen. 08.02.2008 – 22.03.2008 

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Galerie Reinhard Hauff is pleased to announce its first solo show with the Danish artist Lasse Schmidt Hansen (*1978). Lasse Schmidt Hansen, who studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt under Tobias Rehberger from 2003 to 2006, has previously participated in group shows at the gallery. Lasse Schmidt Hansen works with adherence to and deviation from formalised standards, and the role of perception. Through minimal modifications of standard DIN („German Industry norms“) measurement coordinates, like the size of a normal sheet of paper and a number of other familiar things, the artist attempts to open our eyes to the incidental nature of rules, regulations and prescriptions which determine sizes and volumes of most objects of everyday use. Through hardly perceptible changes to the size of mass produced design pieces, stationary, worksheets and architectural features, Lasse Schmidt Hansen distorts ever so slightly but fundamentally our acceptance of the „laws“ governing size and measure, form and function. Taking „the Dilemma of free choice of a Standard as symptomatic of our relationship to the normality of our society“ (Sören Gammel), Lasse Schmidt Hansen’s work subversively questions what is in reality often just an arbitrary set of norms.

Lasse Schmidt Hansens whole show at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff is about inaccuracy in production of art (and other objects). The artist deliberately uses the minimal deviation from standards as the conceptual element connecting the pieces in the exhibition. „Untitled Grey“, for example, consists of a group of DIN A3 sheets of paper with prints of the grey scale done on different photocopying machines. Depending on the system preferences of the photocopier, the condition and make of the ink cartridge and the quality of the paper a different set of grey scale images result which the artist displays in a row according to the saturation of the grey hues produced by the machine. The composition „Photographing landscape. Some of it“ follows the same concept: A sequence of digital shots of a specific site in the vicinity of Rotterdam illustrates the impossibility of arriving at two identical views of the same spot. The invariably different contours of the horizon, the camera angle and the light nuances in the succession of shots on display make the viewer aware that contrary to the tradition of 17th century Dutch landscape painting, no single definitive recording of any given spot can be proclaimed today. The piece „3107/3107“ shows two certified copies of Arne Jacobsen’s popular design classic the Series 7 chair. This chair, designed in 1955, became one of the most popular late 20th and early 21st century chairs. Placing two of the mass-produced copies of a licensed reproduction of the „Original“ next to each other in the gallery show slight differences in size. It is impossible to account for the moment the difference/ deviation/ error or unfaithfulness to the „Original“ occurred in this ongoing process of working from an original standard. Perception, optical illusion, mind over matter, same, same but different: „By changing any design the whole perception of the world will change with it, even if it’s just with an inch“ (Lasse Schmidt Hansen).