ANNE-LISE COSTE. Contre la saturation du visible. 22.04.2005 – 04.06.2005 

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While Annelise Coste, born 1973 in Marseille and living in Zürich, is having her first museum solo show at the Kunsthaus Glarus in Switzerland (closing May 1), the Galerie Reinhard Hauff is pleased to open „Contre la saturation du visible“ – Coste’s second solo show at the Gallery since she first participated there in a 2002 group show..

Words, slogans, quotations and fragments of phrases play a central role in
Coste’s work, where text and figurative drawings combine to comment on political, social and personal issues, as well as emotional stages ranging from despair, anger and love, to loneliness, doubt and confusion. Airbrush lends itself perfectly to the artist’s street smart graffiti-like handwriting sprayed directly on the gallery walls, and on different paper forrmats embedded into the wall composition which in turn form individual pieces. But the artist also works with watercolour and gouache. Reflections and emotions are expressed with colourful immediacy which could appear as merely insolent criticism of the establishment. Instead, Coste’s frequent use of the first person singular emphasises her always very personal relationship to the stated. Although the „Moi“ of a composition can’t be identical to the „I“ of the artist, the radical subjectivity of Coste’s artistic handwriting stems from a profoundly political understanding of art where both what is written, as well as that which is portrayed always has a social dimension

The way
Coste confronts and exposes conflicting emotions in her paintings is courageous and mature. She illustrates thinking processes through underlining, crossing over or obsessively repeating key words.. In her work, rebellion and protest are never divorced from a fundamentally poetic relationship to reality, and communicate „an affinity with visual poetry“ (Nadia Schneider, Curator of the Kunsthaus Glarus).

In addition to the exhibition’s large scale wall and paper works,
Coste is projecting a series of „car portraits“ photographed on a tour of Poland as an exercise in „Contemporary archeology“ (see invitation).

The artist book
„Annelise Coste. POEMABOUT“, published jointly by the Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich, the Kunsthaus Glarus and the Galerie Reinhard Hauff on the occasion of Coste’s present exhibitions, focus on her later aribrush paintings and also contain a compilation of Coste’s own poems. The Book will be presented at the show.