DANIELE BUETTI. Der Spiegel von Venedig. 27.02.2005 – 09.04.2005 

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The Swiss artist Daniele Buetti (*1956), who had one man shows at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff in 1998 and again in 2002, has long enjoyed international recognition for his lightboxes, lightbox installations, and altered photographs. In these Buetti works with appearances, „staged“ beauty and the ambivalence provoked by philosophical and existensialist inscriptions. In „Der Spiegel von Venedig“ (Venetian Mirror), Buetti examines aspects of cruelty and horror. Venetian Mirror refers to a torture practice in which the victim sees his own facial expressions of excrutiating pain and agony in a mirror suspended above him. For the present show, the gallery has been closed off hermetically, with white walls sealing the exhibition space off from light and the outside world. This reductionist / minimalist space charges the atmosphere of the rooms so as to suggest the claustrophobic, the catastrophic, the locked-up.

The works in this show are reflections and representations rather than depictions on the theme of gruesome mutilation of body and soul. In his recent major museum solo shows such as the one in the Helmhaus Zürich, and the Kunstverein Freiburg,
Buetti has concentrated increasingly on various parapsychological phenomena and has transformed entire exhibition halls and spaces into emotionally laden environments. In the present show various lightboxes—in which ornamentally pierced chakra drawings and others where empty interiors come alive with poetic light showers—are displayed on or around scarred, tumor-like protrusions and linked to an organic form attached to the ceiling referred to as „Mother“. Overall, the mysterious lightbox images, in combination with the shimmering aura pictures and scribbled fragments of words taken from textbook descriptions of torture methods create a deeply disturbing environment which lies somewhere in the twilight zone between dream and nightmare.