JULIO RONDO. The Mating Call. 10.09.2004 – 23.10.2004 

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Gallery Reinhard Hauff is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition "The Mating Call" featuring new works by the Spanish born artist, Julio Rondo, who lives in Berlin. Rondo's new works are in acrylic colours painted behind glass in the technique which is characteristic for the artist. But whereas previous compositions were painted with a paint brush on the glass support, the new works are composed with an airbrush. Abandoning the precision of the direct touch of the hand and paint brush on the glass surface in favour of diffusing liquified paint from a distance onto the surface the artist relinguishes direct control over outlines and sharp definitions of forms. Multiple, thin layers of paint and grids of lines and forms float under the glass and the glass surface itself further enhances an illusion of infinite depth and mystifying density. The artist uses quick sketches and subliminal drawings accumulated over many years as inspiration for the compositions shown in the exhibition. The resurgence of memories and the feelings associated with them are predominant themes in Rondo's work. Thoughts and recollections of people, places and situations are captured in his spontaneous sketches and gradually surface in the transfer and paint process. The paint process itself becomes the catalyst for Rondo's subjective interpretation of the past.