PIA MARIA MARTIN. be tricky!. 25.06.2004 – 31.07.2004 

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In „Be Tricky!“ the Stuttgart artist Pia Maria Martin (*1974) shows recent films in a „magic kitchen“ setting. The cooks have all gone, so like toys who come to life when there are no people around, the ingredients in one film transform themselves into fish soup and in another film rescue themselves from a sad end as stuffed chicken. The 16 mm film „Be Tricky!“ features a severed and discarded head of a hen which goes searching for the rest of her bodyparts and rescues them as leftovers out of the kitchen garbage container. In the manner of reconstructive surgery the hen proceeds to sew her vital parts back together on the central part of her featherless body. „Resurrected“—but with a few scars—the hen flaps ist wings and leaves through the kitchen door. The grotesque and comical is enhanced by Berlioz’s „Symphonie Fantastique“ which accompanies the scene. In „Kalakeittos“ (Finnish for fish soup) a pair of fish elegantly and lovingly zip their filets off their bones and to the sound of Tchaikowsky’s „Swan Lake“ make their way to the pot on the stove, joined by carrots, herbs and onions. The seriousness of death and man’s insatiable appetite are distanced by the magic spell. Both films have through light, music, setting and their amusing protagonists a Happy Ending.

Pia Maria Martin experiments in 16 mm and super 8 film. She composes every shot the way cartoons and animated trick films enal. imare produced. The imperfection in the execution —from a technical point of view—is intentional.