BERNHARD KAHRMANN. expanded directions. 14.11.2003 – 20.12.2003 

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One year into his 2-year scholarship program at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Bernhard Kahrmann comes back to Stuttgart for a second show at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff.

In “expanded directions“, opening November 14th and – running through December 20th, 2003,
Kahrmann demonstrates that the gallery rooms – or in fact any room or space, regardless of architectural configuration or period specific decoration—can be transformed through projections of light and images into universes that the viewer can visit, pass through, relate to, become intrigued, appalled or absorbed by.

When entering the darkness of the image labyrinths constructed by
Kahrmann for the show, computer generated sequences of lights are projected onto various surfaces and words affixed within the exhibition space. As grids of light beams rotate off scaffolding, ceilings, walls and lettering, an infinite variation of spatial perspectives are created. Moving light structures and floating fragments of words taken from technical equipment vocabulary like stop, forward, reverse, pause, etc. do not convey any narrative or suggest any specific meaning. Although the words are shaped like neon and billboard graphics they are devoid of the emotionally suggestive powers which characterize real advertisements. In this aesthetically pleasing environment the viewer might experience an unsettling tension between the pleasing looks and a frustrating effort to put the floating words together in the search for some intended meaning. On a monitor in the corner a video shows the comings and goings of passengers at a subway station anonymously passing in and out of each other’s universes.

A series of large photos, superimposing slides with figures and merging stills from computer generated light structures, are related to the installation and composed alongside the development of it. These photographs are, however, works in their own right and shown here for the first time.
Kahrmann also shows a number of graphic compositions in acrylic on paper for the first time.

Kahrmann studied painting at the Kunstakademie in Stuttgart, but has mainly concentrated over the past years on complex slide, film, and video installations with which he won the Milan MiArt price for best artist in 2001, as well as a number of prestigious scholarships and distinctions.