STEPHEN WILLATS. Personal Encounters In Your Imagination. 19.09.2003 – 25.10.2003 

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Stephen Willats (*1943) has been a key figure on the experimental art scene in England since the mid-sixties. He continues to be an inspiration and cult figure among young and established artists. Willats has pioneered the use of interactive methods (photo, film, video) and the involvement of ordinary people in his perception and presentations of urban reality, and the way we communicate with each other—or are being communicated at through the proliferation of signs and symbols all around us.

Throughout his long and distinguished career he has had numerous solo and group shows both at home and abroad and he has exhibited regularly at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff since the gallery opened with a
Stephen Willats show in 1995. Personal Encounters In Your Imagination takes up a theme Willats continues to explore and to which much of his art is dedicated – that of the element of chance. Willats is intrigued by the possible structure and organisation in chance events and encounters. In his rigourous way of working systems are carefully designed to document that which appears incidental or is often so banal that we have become totally blind to it. It´s Just Rubbish, 2000 is a large photomontage mounted on board, visually listing various forms of rubbish on the ground in a London wasteland at a given moment..

form language is totally unique. Whether he works in colourful vinyl as in the Multiple Clothig pieces from the 70´s and reworked again in the 90´s, with 8 milimeter films: a woman walking through an eerie tunnel, bridges leading into nowhere, or still-life´s of 60´s glass and ceramics collections, with photography and montages featuring scenes of urban life, from post war East German apartment blocks, to the London subway.
Personal Encounters In Your Imagination presents some of
Stephen Willats‘ latest work, as well as pieces from the 1990´s, including works on paper (pencil ink and gouache) from the Conceptual Towers series, where architectural and sculptural elements reminiscent of Willats´ photos are featured. Examples of videos will be shown for the very first time.