MARKUS KEIBEL. plans for another world. 27.06.2003 – 31.07.2003 

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Plans for another world is Markus Keibel’s (*1964) third single show at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff. In his work, this artist expresses himself through photography, language, text and the use of everyday objects. Stylistically, Keibel is a minimalist, looking for ways and means in which universal, human preoccupations and predicaments can be reduced to essentials. Alongside photography, Markus Keibel works these past years extensively with glass – with transparency. Glass as a transparent vehicle for impriting, developing and displaying questions and concepts.

Writing on glass turns out to be one way of illustrating how thoughts take form and become clear. For
Keibel, language is—above all—the possibility for making ourselves intelligible and understood by others. Language is also the process through which that which has been formulated (intellectually) enters the body spiritually. Keibel reduces his works to an absolute minimum in terms of materials involved: Drawings, words and texts are engraved by hand on glass. You may not recognize the engraved phrases at a first glimpse. But they become visible through the interplay of their shadow images on the gallery walls.

As part of the preparations for this exhibition at the Galerie Reinhard Hauff,
Keibel sent an e-mail to friends and contacts all over the world, in which he asked them to tell him what their plans for another world would be. He got numerous responses from as far away as Tibet, Canada and South Africa. Keibel engraved these reflections and answers on three different glass plates placed one above the other. As culturally diverse as the many people approached are their hopes, dreams and anxieties—transposed as sentences floating on glass plates and tubes suspended from the ceiling in a huge glass sculpture. In the 63 „letters“ on the back wall of the Gallery, Markus Keibel uses again the principle of layers. They consist of three A 4 sized engraved glasses treated with lacker and phosphor and hung above each other so as to transmit some other answers from Another World.