JULIKA RUDELIUS. It is true because I feel it. 10.09.2021 – 08.10.2021 

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The body – house of our emotions. The setting – a dark, immersive space without visible doors, roof, walls. Like the home of our emotions or the subconscious. The players – anonymous men and women of various ages dressed in eco-friendly leisure wear. No visible attributes of beauty, power, wealth and status hierarchies. The participants are brought together by a common search for connection and intimacy as a teachable discipline, a course in basic self-optimizing.
Intimacy is a feeling of being in a close, personal relationship and belonging. Intimacy is the opposite of loneliness and isolation, which is a feeling of emotional pain. Loneliness is growing into a global "epidemic". The cure is human connection. Can intimacy be trained?
Teach me what I feel and how to express it, because I don’t know what I feel and what I should feel, but I feel something and I want to feel more and better in my universe: me, myself and I – we’re often painfully disconnected.

A cacophony of voices
"spiritual" is accentuated, depicted in what we perceive as ritual ceremonial: Darkness and obscurity. Hypnotic and excessively mild voices from those who have arrived before us in Nirvana. Encouraging sufferers to breathe heavily and express all frustration in loud, aggressive, assertive screaming – NO being the key word. Unphysical – asexual. Confrontation and accusations. What’s going on? A man silently and courageously crying in the crowd. Men lined up against women, approaching, recoiling, throwing themselves on the floor in prostate gestures indicating a desire for forgiveness of all abusive male privileges and gender discriminations. Voicing thankfulness to women voicing rage and injustice. Ad-hoc couples in face-to-face, safe encounters, exposing mutual vulnerabilities, and exploring soothing, non-intrusive touching as healing. Surface contact. Shine the light on enlightened faces.
Let it all out. Try an eruptive outpouring of stranger-directed intimacy although we’re actually only in excessive interaction with ourselves.
"Display Intimacy" as a substitute for real intimacy. We’re here to work on our pain. So we practice mindful movement as medicine. It’s the journey to emotional healing and transformation. We beam enlightened spirituality. I see you. We’re all one. Young, intelligent, beautiful – old, unintelligent, wrinkled – in the throes of those universal feelings of existentialist pain.
Touch, scream, connect and heal. That’s the promise. We are celebrating intimacy with strangers, hoping for a spiritual awakening. But the problems of the Human Condition are eternally the same: a fundamental need to connect and belong. Is there a How Not To be lonely – yet? Is there an App for Better Belonging – yet? 

We’re delighted to present this new 17 minute video by German artist Julika Rudelius (*1968)
It is true because I feel it, made during strict Covid lockdown times and generously supported by NEUSTART KULTUR and Stiftung Kunstfonds. Immerse yourself into emotional universe rendered extremely physical by the artist. Feel for yourself what you think of this 21st Century dilemma. Feel if it is true. Parallel to this film, we’re showing Rudelius’ 2008 video installation Adrift also exploring the theme of meditation and hypnotic trance.

Rudelius’ work has been shown in important museum contexts – such as the Tate Modern, London, the Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, the Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland, the Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands (text: Elisabeth Hauff.)

We cordially invite you to the soft opening on
Friday, September 10th, 2021 from 2 to 8 pm.

The solo exhibition
It is true because I feel it by Julika Rudelius is sponsored by NEUSTART KULTUR (https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/bundesregierung/staatsministerin-fuer-kultur-und-medien/neustart-kultur-startet-1767056) and Stiftung Kunstfonds (https://www.kunstfonds.de).

Access to the gallery is only granted to those who have been completely vaccinated or tested!
FFP2-mask is obligatory! The test should not be older than 24 hours!
Thanks for your understanding!