JULIO RONDO. Terribly so. 21.04.2020 – 31.07.2020 

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Terribly so, if you google the title of Julio Rondo's solo exhibition, you come across a clip by Howe Gelb (2016) from a road trip through Arizona. A magical desert landscape spreads out in front of you. Cranky rhythm and blues – the air vibrates, the mood melancholic – Terribly so. At the end of the clip, a hand writes FUTURES on a Standard Blank Book title page.

Julio Rondo and I have had a very long collaboration, going back to long before the gallery opened. It probably started around 1986, when Rondo decided to resume his work as an artist in addition to teaching at the Merz Academy, a now officially recognized university in Stuttgart. That period of the last 30 years has been characterized by fundamental changes worldwide. The geopolitical situation has shifted from a bipolar to a multi-centre balance of power, and the rapidly expanding digitalization has had a decisive influence on political and socio-political developments. Much is also shaped by hope, convenience and positive potential, but still leaves us perplexed too often –
Terribly so. Despite all this, we try to decode Future Standards and we pretend to understand. But the Blank Book continues to be what it mostly is – blank.

Julio Rondo's pictures are characterized by a vibrant color scheme, which can only be achieved to this degree of intensity through his own, very personal technique, which he has pursued and refined consistently since the beginning of his career. Rondo develops his compositions on two parallel, but different, types of image surfaces – wood and glass. The light and distance between the one, the glass, and the other, makes the background recede and the colors flow and glow. Julio Rondo succeeds in taking us with his abstract works to places like Arizona, but perhaps also to Australia,
and may be even on the coast (text: Reinhard Hauff, translation to English: Elisabeth Hauff).