PIA MARIA MARTIN. back from the back burner, too. 09.10.2015 – 20.11.2015 

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The Galerie Reinhard Hauff is pleased to announce „back from the back burner, too“, the fourth solo show by Pia Maria Martin (*1974), who lives and works in Stuttgart and Nice.
A couple of years ago, Martin discovered a container with vintage 16mm film material on a flee market in Paris – presumably parts of various film sequences for editing and processing. Where the material originates, how old it is and who the actors or personalities in the film are, is a mystery. Pia Maria Martin edits the found material manually—burns, scratches, cuts, draws and paints on the found footage and pastes images together into new dreamlike, almost psychedelic film sequences, brilliantly set to music by Jean-Marc Monterra, Julian Ripert and Ina Maria Saussele. Pia Maria Martin uses her found material to create a new morbid, walk-in sound and image experience. The dreamlike character of the installation is intensified by the eerie suspense produced when moving around within the transparent projection surfaces of the installation space. We will never know what the original concept of the film director was, what the camera men and the different actors in these remastered scenes were portraying. Just like the narrator in Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past realizes that the past he remembers only exists in his own imagination, Pia Maria Martin’s „Tirage 16“ is a lost and not yet found, or not ever actually existing story.
Pia Maria Martin is Professor of Video and moving pictures at the Villa Arson, École nationale supérieure d’art in Nice, France.