THOMAS LOCHER. Supplements Signs Signifiers. 20.11.2009 – 16.01.2010 

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Galerie Reinhard Hauff is pleased to announce the exhibition „Supplements Signs Signifiers“ by Berlin artist Thomas Locher (*1956). In this exhibition – the artist’s 5th solo show at Galerie Reinhard Hauff – Thomas Locher reviews core themes in his artistic practice. The three concepts „Supplements“, „Signs“ and „Signifiers“ combine to a formula, which connects the different works and groups of works within the show with one another. The exhibition does not attempt to define these three terms – does not explore the nature of signs – what they are and how they signify in the classic sense, where significance is a relationship between two sorts of things: signs and the kind of things they signify. Or mean. Here, it is not a question of the identification of a sign and its intended meaning (the signifier and the signified), but rather about the space in which the difference between individual types/groups of signs exposes characteristics of their basic nature and becomes a container of various vehicles of meaning.

„Supplements Signs Signifiers“ is about reading and misreading, about representation of meaning and the confrontation with the impossibility for the recipient to remain indifferent or neutral towards the message, which has been sent. And the wider possibilities thereby created. To choose to „not receive“ is not an option, once a confrontation takes place. Any encounter with a sign solicits (personal) interpretation and comment. What the commentary does to the shape/content it comments on, what is thereby possibly added, what has possibly also changed, deformed or enriched the original intent of the material commented on (the original core message) is contained in the logic of Supplementarity – the change through addition and therefore transformation of whatever is represented. Due to the impossibility for the receiver to be inside the original represented, any incompleteness has to be enhanced and/or supplemented. A vacuum will be filled. Supplementarity – or any representation – conveys a shift in meaning.

The work of
Thomas Locher explores on the one hand texts and letters as abstract forms, but also texts as carriers of meaning such as the large central wall installation „from S1 to S2, from one place to another and [again]“. „Supplements, Signs, Signifiers“ is therefore a show about various types of representation/reproduction of meaning. Some works exhibited are framed, photographic views of office or living settings lifted from architectural books – windows illustrating various lifestyles and thereby giving significance to their chosen content. But at the same time simply framed pictures – objects. Any view on anything is a selection of things/elements to focus on and in turn a personal choice offered and put on display. The point – of – view from where situations are observed is always personal and by definition a fragment, incomplete.