CLUNIE REID. PEEK A DE BOOM. 03.04.2009 – 30.05.2009 

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The Galerie Reinhard Hauff is delighted to announce „PEEK A DE BOOM“ – the first solo exhibition in Germany with the British artist Clunie Reid (*1971). The show opens April 3rd and runs through May 30th, 2009. London based Clunie Reid – the recipient of the 2008 Zoo Art Fair Award – shows large format collages assembled from appropriated photographic material, which she has worked over with graffiti-style gestures and inscriptions. Taking mass media and internet photographic material as her point of departure, the artist exposes self mutilation and other grotesque forms of exhibitionistic youth and beauty cults. She also accentuates the neurotic pursuit of the beauty ideals and sexually charged personality cult projected by celebrities and the tabloid press.

Clunie Reid’s installation scatters seemingly random images from trash magazines and film, advertisements and the internet over the entire wall surfaces of the gallery, thus creating a strategic visual assault of images scavenged from the world of commerce, commodity, kitsch, entertainment and hype. Reid has literally ripped out and divorced the images she uses from their original contexts,—re-photographed them and reproduced them on high gloss photographic paper which she fixes to the gallery walls with black tape. She works on the images,—painting, scribbling and writing cynical remarks directly on them with magic markers, felt-tip pens or ballpoint pens to create levels and relationships of meaning in this new pictorial universe. Aesthetic codes and beauty ideals are thereby aggressed with savage, critical humour. Reid describes her method as one of „making visual connections between things within arbitrarily surfacing groups of images.“

Lately Reid’s works were shown in the „nought to sixty“ exhibition program of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London (2008), at the Camden Arts Center and the Serpentine Gallery, London (2007) and at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow (2007). “PEEK A DE BOOM” was realized in collaboration with MOTinternational, London.